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Shake It, Don't Break It

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

12:18AM - a nerdy weekend of movies

This weekend I have watched:

Cropsey - a documentary about convicted child kidnapper Andre Rand from Staten Island

Andersonville - A John Frankenheimer movies about the civil war military prison of the same name.

Go Tell The Spartans - great Burt Lancaster film about the early days of the Vietnam War.

Return to Salem's Lot - Bad, but interesting vampire movie.

Second Best Line from the movie:

Best line:

The Bronx Warriors - The Warriors meets Escape From New York - 80's Italian B Movie

The Boys From Brazil - I really think those Boys from Brazil shoulda been killed. They were cheeky.

Glory - I've seen more Edward Zwick movies than I need to - Legends of the Fall, The Siege, The Last Samurai, Defiance and Love and Other Drugs. He's never not heavy handed, but this one has Andre Braugher so it's worth re-watching.

My head and eyes hurt. I really nerded it up when it came to movies this weekend.

Monday, March 21, 2011

4:54PM - Big Doings - the Corpsicles

alienated teenaged high school angst

Thursday, March 10, 2011

9:55PM - Reigning Sound - Time Bomb High School

How much does the opening riff bring Bruce Springsteen or the Replacements to mind?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2:08PM - Maids - Back to Bataan

Can't get this out of my head:

You can download the single here!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

1:14AM - From Killed By Death #6

Pretty good.

Friday, March 4, 2011


The past few days have seen me download the first 15 volumes of the Killed By Death series (using that term rather
loosely), the first Uniform Choice album, most of Th'Inbred discography and I-Spy's discography along with about
a half dozen compilations and about 500 7"s. I have to say I love Korea's internet.

I have been downloading a lot of bad movies and watching even more.
I stay up far too late.

Tomorrow I head to Anyang and see my first Korean playoff hockey game.

Why am I even posting this boring stuff huh?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2:37PM - Our Band Could Be Your Life

I basically put together a mix that functions like a soundtrack to the book.
It's an attempt. It might not even be a good one, but I didn't find too much on
the web that acted like a musical guide to the book.  I am sure I made some choices that people disagree with.

 I tried to choose songs that either 1) were mentioned
in the book, 2) reflected or commented on a situation
or theme in the book or 3) were representative of the
time period or bands focused on or discussed in the book.

 I included songs by bands like Deep Wound, Rites of Spring,
Green River, Circle Jerks etc. because I figured it would provide
a little background and those bands were somewhat important
(though not featured in the book) to the book. I left off bands
like Empire and Bl'ast because while awesome they're only
tangentially important to the subject.

 Anyway this is pretty self indulgent. Sometimes I get a
little bored and obsessed. It's 50 songs that relate to Our Band Could Be Your Life:





   1. White Minority            Black Flag          
   2. Wasted                                    Circle Jerks          
   3. You Bet We've Got Something Against You! Black Flag          
   4. Depression                        Black Flag          
   5. Forever Time                        Black Flag          
   6. Song For El Salvador            Minutemen          
   7. The Only Minority            Minutemen          
   8. King of the Hill            Minutemen          
   9. Price Of Paradise            Meat Puppets          
  10. History Lesson - Part II  Minutemen          
  11. Academy Fight Song             Mission Of Burma          
  12. That's When I Reach For My Revolver Mission Of Burma          
  13. Max Ernst                        Mission Of Burma          
  14. Sneakers                        The Teen Idles          
  15. Stepping Stone Party            State Of Alert          
  16. Minor Threat                        Minor Threat          
  17. No Reason                        Minor Threat          
  18. Salad Days                        Minor Threat          
  19. Guns at My School            Hüsker Dü          
  20. Makes No Sense At All Hüsker Dü          
  21. There's A Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill Hüsker Dü          
  22. Pink Turns To Blue            Hüsker Dü          
  23. Somethin To Du            The Replacements          
  24. Kids Don't Follow            The Replacements          
  25. I Will Dare                        The Replacements          
  26. Kill Yr. Idols                        Sonic Youth          
  27. Shadow Of A Doubt            Sonic Youth          
  28. Nic Fit                                    Sonic Youth          
  29. The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave (Live) Butthole Surfers          
  30. American Women            Butthole Surfers          
  31. Pigeon Kill (Live)             Big Black          
  32. Kerosene                        Big Black          
  33. Bad Penny                        Big Black          
  34. Lou's anxiety song            Deep Wound          
  35. Chunks                        Dinosaur Jr.          
  36. Poledo                                    Dinosaur Jr.
37. Freak Scene Dinosaur Jr.
38. Spring Rites of Spring
39. Can't Forgive Embrace
40. Don't Stand in Line Pailhead
41. Waiting Room Fugazi
42. Merchandise Fugazi
43. Reprovisional Fugazi
44. Hangin' Tree Green River
45. Sub Pop Rock City Soundgarden
46. Touch Me I'm Sick Mudhoney
47. Overblown Mudhoney
48. Cast A Shadow Beat Happening
49. Ask Me Beat Happening
50. Indian Summer Beat Happening</p>

Friday, July 9, 2010

10:38PM - Korean Times

I started my first week of work at the hagwon (private school). I teach 23 classes
a week - usually 4-5 a day and have 200 students total. The kids have funny English names like Adolph,
Bread (pronounced Brad), Person, Mighty and Melon. There is one student named Mickey who insists that it is pronounced Mikey. I tried to explain it to him, but his stubbornness trumped mine and his name remains Mickey, pronounced Mikey. The children shout at me when I don't pronounce Sara - Zara or SAAR-a.

Some of the kids do imitations of businessman drunk on soju. They pantomime public urination
and defecation. I lose my mind. It is pretty funny to hear 8 11 year olds trying to get my attention
while they do their best to mimic a middle aged man's lowest/highest point.

Kids pass me gum, chocolate powder, weird spicy sticks and other snacks. It's pretty awesome.
I don't even ask. They can just recognize someone who loves to snack the fuck out as much as they do.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

7:54PM - Favourite Assfactor 4 Lyrics

I just wish there were a word to say fuck you and thanks at the same time

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


1. Put in my notice at work today, after informing my boss and supervisor about my work van accident a week ago (they were both on holidays). Though it seems like the two incidents are connected, they are not. Fleeing to Korea is totally unrelated to the van accident.

2. Feeling frustrated lately. I think most of it has to do with how little time I have left in
Halifax. I need another set of hands or an assistant. Neither of those things is going to happen.

3. I am hoping that I someday get the chance to call someone a baby thief.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

6:10PM - The Six Books I am Bringing to South Korea

The AutoBiography of Red - Anne Carson
I bought this for a Canadian Literature course I took at Dal in 2004. I never read it despite it being recommended to me several times, as well as it being a part of the course. Sadly this is not the first time I did not read course material for a literature course. 49th Parallel Psalm was also a part of the course list for this class. I did read that. I lent it to a library patron once with the insistence that they return it to me when finished. Did not happen. I think the girl's name was Brooklyn Brownstone - no foolin. Don't trust strangers.

The Golden Gate - Vikram Seth
A birthday gift I never read - sorry Spencer. I do not know why this collected dust as I have read other Vikram Seth stuff and liked it quite a bit. I am an ass. But South Korea could use a little Spencer Brown.

Snow - Orhan Pamuk
Another birthday gift I never read. I received it from my girlfriend on my (I think) 27th birthday.
We broke up shortly afterward. I think I (because I am insane) felt bad about reading it because of the break-up.

Galveston - Paul Quarrington
A book my sister left behind at my parents'. Like the above books it was published by Vintage Canada.

Working - Studs Terkel
I am pretty sure Steph will enjoy this - because of the Rip Torn interview, so I am bringing this one as much for her, as I am for me. At 600 pages it's fairly dense and it explains why I was never able to finish it while working at the Banff Centre Library. I'd read bits of it during my breaks. Bought it Outside the Lines when I moved back to Halifax and never got a chance to plow through it.

The Pleasures of the Damned Poems 1951-1993 - Charles Bukowski
Some poetry to break up the novels. I am sure there will be a few misses in this, but I think it'll have some staying power.

It took me about 4 months to narrow down this list.
I wanted to bring some Don DeLillo, Paul Auster and Jonathan Lethem, but I was wary of bringing hardcovers with me due to their weight.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Good friends are the sort who don't always tell you what you want to hear. I am pretty lucky to have a few people like that in my life.

Monday, March 22, 2010


There's about a million things I want to write, but for a multitude of reasons, I think it's best to just keep them in my brain.
I don't know if that means keeping it all bottled up or what, but what can I do?

I think it'd be easier if I didn't have so much distance  (physical and imagined, and even local and global for the former) and I wasn't so sick. I've got these feelings in spades lately so it's easy to feel rotten. Laughter's the best medicine though right?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Paul F Tompkins - Saturday March 27th at the Company House in Halifax. Two shows.
Tickets can be purchased through: http://paulftompkinsinhalifax.eventbrite.com/
General Admission.
Limited seating.
First come first serve.

Doors at 6PM

First show at 7PM
Second show at 9:30PM

Tickets are 26.77 (25.00 plus 1.77 service charge)

Opening are Mark Little and Andrew Bush of Picnicface

Comedian Paul F Tompkins has issued a social media promise that if 300 people from any one city could commit to attending one of his performances, he would perform in that city. Having already performed two shows in Toronto due to this promise, it looks
like he's willing to do the same for other cities that follow suit. Tompkins simply requests that a facebook group be started and that 300 people from that city commit to attending
his performance.

From http://www.mondomagazine.net/2009/review-paul-f-tompkins-live/:

“Thankfully, Toronto may have brightened Tompkins’ view of Canada. He seemed to enjoy himself on stage a great deal, and confirmed it afterwards via the medium that started it all — a Twitter: “O Canada! Thank you to everyone who came out to The Rivoli last night. One of the best nights of my career, truly. What fantastic audiences. [...] It was amazing to stand on that stage.” The feeling is mutual — Toronto would be very lucky to be revisited by Paul F. Tompkins in the future. Plus, now you have one fewer reason to feel guilty about the time you spend on Twitter, which may be the real hero here. Oh, Twitter.”

A Halifax facebook group  was started earlier this week and we've exceeded 225 people (more than the  efforts of Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Winnipeg, Seattle and Portland):

Paul F Tompkins has taken note of the Halifax group, he tweeted about the group and I spoke to Paul F Tompkins Tuesday night on-air on the Best Show on WFMU to promote the effort to bring him here.

Tompkins is the host of VH1's Best Week Ever and a frequent guest on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, has appeared The Informant, There Will Be Blood and has been a writer and cast member of the Daily Show and Mr. Show with Bob and David.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2:38PM - Punk Rock Karaoke with a Live Band at Gus's Pub Tonight!

This is a special edition of All Wound Up!
Tuesday February 16th
at Gus's Pub
Starts at 10:30 PM

Punk Rock Karaoke!
Featuring a live band made up of members of Myles Deck and the Fuzz, Cold Warps, Envision, the Fat
Stupids, the Hemingways and Die Brucke.

We will be playing:

1. -Straight Edge Revenge
2. -Institutionalized
3. -Lights Out
4. -In Your Eyes
5. -Attitude
6. -Six Pack
7. -Dammit
8. -Too Drunk To Fuck
9. –Soda
10. –Boxcar
11. –Skulls
12. –Astro Zombies
13. –Bullet
14. –GranolaHead
15. -53rd and 3rd
16. –Today Your Love Tomorrow, The World
17. –Dean’s Dream
18. –Urusla Finally Has Tits
19. –California Uber Alles
20. –Hey Suburbia
21. –Punk Rock Girl
22. –Beach Party Vietnam
23. –Knowledge
24. –Nutrition
25. –The Things That Only Eats Hippies
26. –Totally
27. –I’m a Pretender
28. –Bob
29. –Yellin In My Ear
30. –Basket Case
31. –Waiting Room
32. –Totally
33. –Secret Song
34. –God Save the Queen
35. –I Just Wanna Have Something to Do
36. –Sonic Reducer
37. –When I Come Around
38. –I don’t Wanna Hear It
39. –Hybrid Moments
40. –Last Caress
41. –Halloween
42. –Blitzkrieg Bop

Make requests. Get on stage and sing your favourites. Crowd participation is highly encouraged
and rewarded!

There will be drink specials, cheap cover and lots of punk rock.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

8:28PM - Only Real Friends

Sometimes you gotta remind yourself…

Remembering when we were kids, the stupid social politics
that made me feel the way I do right now.

The stupid things we used to do and
trying so hard to be cool.
I never did feel happy with myself.
And kids today
are still this way, I guess they’ll always be the same
there’s nothing we can
do about that, oh well..

And who is “better”? Me or you? This question seems
to train us to compare ourselves to everybody else.

Don’t let these people
make you feel like should be anything (but yourself).
Things will get better as
soon as you begin to think (for yourself).
I learned early on what it’s like to
get “dissed”, feeling pissed off,
but still not getting pissed as the
so-called “cool kids” made me feel like shit.
I knew I did not want to be so
depressed, got some of these feeling off of my chest.
And I promised myself
that I would never feel like this again.
with only real friends, so let’s not

Only real friends, and to anybody else we say,
No! Not! This! Time!
(I know the feeling. I’ve felt this before, and I won’t let it happen to
me again)


Sunday, January 10, 2010


Put on well over a dozen shows this year, in addition to the regular TV Party and All Wound Up
nights at Gus's. Played another dozen shows with Minivan Halen, Die Brücke, a Dead Milkmen tribute band and a special edition of the Stolen Minks called the Stolen Marks. Also went on a couple of mini tours with Minivan Halen and Die Brücke and released a 7" w/MVH.

-Bombscares Reunion
-Famines w/York Dedoubt and the Pushers
-Orphan Choir w/Pneumatic Transit and Slides
-Fear of Lipstick w/Stolen Minks, the Fat Stupids and the Hemingways at the Pop Explosion
-Japanther w/Boys Who Say No
-Buried Inside (Two Halifax shows and one Truro show)
-Map to Temenos w/HGM
-Vicious Cycle
-Tyvek w/Rumours - Tyvek showed up late and did not play
-Denial Tone w/Pig and Fuck Montreal
-Cold Warps w/Fat Stupids
-Metz (Obey Convention After Party w/Rumours, Minivan Halen and All Wound Up DJs)
-DD/MM/YYYY (three shows - Studio A, Gus's Pub and a house show)

Busy year!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


My grandfather died when I was 5 or 6. I was still pretty young so I didn't really understand what was
going. I felt like I was just sort of getting to know him and then he was in the hospital and he was sick all the time.

He'd been in the hospital and then he'd be out, but don't get your hopes up because he's back in
again. I just didn't really understand and visiting him seemed like a duty. The hospital he was in
and out of was the Sydney City Hospital where my mom worked. It was the non-catholic hospital
and reminded me of St Eligius (the hospital in St Elsewhere). It had all kinds of tunnels, but it was
dingy and there were smoking rooms at the end of each hallway.

I am not sure why I was watching St Elsewhere at 5, but I was.

You can figure out that he died and I did not go to his funeral. I had to stay with neighbours
during the funeral and that was weird because I think it was the first time I had lunch at
someone's house without my parents. This began my lifelong commitment to being a
fussy eater. Something must have happened that made me grossed out, maybe they
had the wrong kind of ketchup or something, I dunno.

Only a few short months later would eat at my friend's house and refuse
spaghetti sauce because there was onions in it. I was fine barebacking my spaghetti.

Shortly after the funeral my mom and I were at the mall - the dirt mall, the brown
ski pants mall, the grub mall, the mall with the lysol tree behind it - and we ran into
someone who looked incredibly familiar.

My mom asked me if I know who the man was sitting on the mall bench. I had
seen lots of men sitting in the mall, lots of old men that I did not know. They all
looked like someone's ne'er do well grandfather. The man sitting on the bench this time
though looked exactly like my grandfather.

Which is weird.

I didn't attend the funeral, but I most definitely attended the wake and I definitely reached
into the casket and touched his embalmed hands. I remember trying to separate his fingers
before being shooed away.

Point being, I definitely knew he was dead.

And then my mom springs this on me. "Surprise! Your grandfather isn't dead! I brought you
to the dirt mall so you could bet let in on this secret too. I am not sure why I, his daughter in law,
is revealing this secret and not his flesh and blood son, but I am not sure why he survived two
heart attacks either."

It was very surreal and it was probably the first really surreal moment of my life.

Then my mom tells me that no, it isn't my grandpa, it's my grandpa's lookalike brother
that I have met before and don't I remember?

Talk about embarrassed.


My stubbornness keeps me from doing many of things I think I should do.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


my number is 902 440 3103

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